Is Collaborative Law Right For You?


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Is Collaborative Law Right for You?

Ending a long-term relationship is a deeply personal and sensitive matter that most people prefer to go through in private. Collaborative Practice provides a private place, outside the court system, in which you can have respectful conversations with your spouse or partner when a relationship ends, or with a family member in matters related to estate issues or a family business, to reach solutions that consider the needs of everyone affected. Court proceedings can be emotionally destructive and financially expensive with parties left powerless in determining a final solution.


If you are looking for something different and find any of the following valuable for you, Collaborative Practice may be what you are looking for:

  • I want to preserve a relationship with the other party.

  • I want to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of my family.

  • I wish to minimize the emotional and financial costs for my family and me.

  • I choose to avoid having the court make decisions.

  • I choose to work together with my spouse/partner/family member to find creative solutions that will meet each of our needs.

  • I believe that it is important to move past current frustrations, pain and anger and plan for the future.

  • I choose to be part of the planning process in reaching a resolution; not one imposed upon me by the court.


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To schedule a confidential consultation and learn more about the Collaborative Process and your other legal options, as a trained collaborative family lawyer I can help you investigate your options. Please contact me at 215 -470-3121 or

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