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Don’t Litigate. Mediate!

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Don’t Litigate. Mediate! An Alternative Divorce Coaching Program

Introducing a new and different divorce coaching program facilitated by a skilled and compassionate attorney who is also a mediator.

Going through a divorce, you are fearful of ending up with not only a hole in your heart but also a hole in your pockets. But, now you and your spouse can decide on divorce without destruction.

“Don’t Litigate. Mediate!” is a different coaching program that teaches you the best options to divorce differently where everyone can win. This Coaching program will give you the knowledge to stay in control by creating your own financial and custody agreements without court involvement.

Not the lawyers: Not the judge: but you and your spouse can decide what is in the best interest of your family.

Through the coaching program, you will discover and learn how to:

  1. Find a peaceful way to resolve conflict
  2. Plan a fair financial future
  3. Shorten the divorce process
  4. Avoid painful court battles, and
  5. Save $1000s in legal fees.

You can attend this program together with your spouse or separately, either way, you and your family will benefit.

The coaching program is coming soon. Get on the waiting list now by emailing Attorney-Mediator Lenore Myers at and let her know you want to be in her coaching program.

If you have to divorce, do it the best way: Don’t Litigate. Mediate!

Don’t delay. Do it today.

Want to Know More about Lenore Myers?

If you are interested in a consultation to discuss the options available to resolve your divorce, custody issues, support, or equitable distribution issues, please contact me and I can help you investigate your options. Call me, Lenore M.J. Myers, at 215-470-3121 or email me at