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Creating Peace in Divorce Conflicts

March 4, 2021
Divorce Done Differently in PA
dandelion seeds in the wind with colorful background | Creating Peace in Divorce Conflicts | Divorce Done Differently in PA

Creating peace…Letting go of expectations

Creating peace starts with simply letting a seed be planted. Letting a seed be planted starts with letting go. A seed cannot be planted unless the plant in which it is held lets go. Often when we find ourselves in a situation in which we are angry or upset, it is because we feel disappointed because our expectations have not been met. But by holding on to those unfulfilled expectations we do not allow for growth and beauty in the situation. If we let go of unmet expectations that have resulted in pain and grief, we allow the seeds of peace to float away to be planted.

Much like the seeds of a milkweed that float in the air in an elusive way to land where they may. As those freed seeds find their way to be planted, a beautiful plant will grow to nourish the world with beauty and bounty. The butterfly will come to sip the nectar of its flowers and be nourished to go off to pollinate other plants that grow and provide sustenance for others. The butterfly eggs that will be laid on the plant will become caterpillars that will be nourished, grow, and cocoon to become butterflies themselves, to later fly off to nourish and build the world.

Can you imagine putting this in the context of a family going through the transition of a divorce or separation. If the partners simply let go of their painful feelings surrounding their unmet needs and expectations in favor of planting seeds of peace, can you imagine the result? If partners allow these seeds of peace to be planted and help them to grow within the family as a newly planted peace, it can nourish the whole family in a myriad of ways. As the new family peace is nurtured, the ex-partners can be nourished and their wounds healed by the new peace that has bloomed. In their new unconflicted state, they can go forth to nurture and cultivate peace and prosperity in the rest of the world as well.

In this newly-grown peaceful environment, children can have their needs met with a sense of abundance rather than lack. Within this abundant environment, the children will be allowed to cocoon in a safe nurturing environment. This in turn will allow them to grow into healed individuals who can one day spread their beautiful wings forth in their life to help pollinate and nourish the creation of a more peaceful world.

Imagine. This is all possible with a simple act of letting go. What pain can you let go of today to be replaced by peace?

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