Modifications to Alimony, Child Support and Custody

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Modifications to Alimony, Child Support, ​​ and Child Custody


One thing that we can be certain of in life is that nothing is certain. Life constantly changes and evolves, and so too does your family situation. People change jobs, they move, children grow and change. For that reason, child support awards and child custody arrangements are always modifiable and alimony may be modifiable in some circumstances.


Alimony is modifiable only if the parties’ marital settlement agreement or court order allows for modification. If so I can help you and your ex- spouse reach an agreement on a permissible modification of the alimony amount or duration.

Child Support

Child Support is modifiable if there is a substantial and continuing change in a parent’s financial circumstances – perhaps one parent was laid off from a job, or another received a promotion and an increase in pay. Traditionally, a parent seeking a modification of a child support order would have to petition the court and show a change in circumstances. In most counties, this involves a multi-step process that can become quite expensive and take months or years to complete. If one parent is self-employed, it may be necessary to obtain and review specific financial documents that are not volunteered, resulting in time consuming and costly discovery processes. I can help you and your co- parent work together in a timely and cost efficient manner to find a support amount that addresses the children’s financial needs and preserves the parental relationship.

Child Custody

Custodial arrangement are always modifiable if the change is in the best interests of the children. As children grow and develop, it may be necessary to make changes to the plan. If your current custody and parenting arrangement was obtained in court, it may have been a long, expensive and emotional process, and your children suffered.

I can help you and your co- parent develop an arrangement that meets your children’s needs and considers what is best for them and make the necessary changes to your current custody plan that will benefit your children. This will help spare you and your children the expense and emotional stress of litigation and the unpleasantness of the courtroom.

If you are interested in a consultation to discuss the options available to resolving modifications to your support, alimony or child custody issues, please contact me and I can help you investigate your options.

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